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Terms of Use

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Privacy Policy & GDPR

1. Who we are

The company under the name «TERRABLUE Societe Anonyme» and the distinctive title ” TERRABLUE S.A.”, (hereinafter referred to as “TERRABLUE”, “we”, “the company”), based in Attica, at 4 Christou Lada Street, PC 15233, with the Tax Identification Number 999079887 of the Tax Office of F.A.E. Athens, created the internet websites ““, ““, “”, “”, and “”, in order to promote restaurants and events, providing the opportunity to the public to make an electronic table reservation, as well as the possibility of joining the team of our company, through sending a CV. The use of the websites, as well as the individual services offered through it, is subject to these Terms of Use and the applicable privacy policy of the company, which is analyzed below. The use of the above websites (even the simple browsing on them) indicates the unconditional acceptance of the terms of Use and the Privacy Policy by the user, as they apply at any time. Your continued use of the web pages after making modifications to these terms is construed as acceptance of such modifications.

TERRABLUE follows the requirements of the law and the Personal Data Protection Authority and forms the privacy policy that follows in accordance with the provisions set by regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council, namely the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), as incorporated into the Greek legal order by law 4624/2019, as well as in accordance with the requirements set by law 3471/2006.

TERRABLUE acknowledges that customers, visitors, users, and others who use the site or other websites owned and/or used by us, value the privacy of their personal data. The Privacy Policy presented here, sets out important information regarding the use and disclosure of user information collected on TERRABLUE’s websites. Our Privacy Policy is made public here to assist you in making an informed decision about whether to use or continue to use the TERRABLUE websites.

2. What data protection measures we take

TERRABLUE assures that it uses all available physical, administrative and technical protection measures to maintain the integrity and security of your personal data. After receiving the information you submit, TERRABLUE makes every effort to safeguard the security of our systems and the privacy of the information. It is also noted that all the websites of the company, mentioned above, are protected by the reCAPTCHA system.

However, the internet is not a secure environment and, please, note that it cannot be guaranteed that such information will not be disclosed, altered, or destroyed by the breach of any of our physical, technical, or administrative safeguards. If TERRABLUE becomes aware of an attempted security breach, which may compromise sensitive data, we will notify you electronically so that you can take protective measures. The company cannot guarantee the uninterrupted and error-free operation of the websites and bears no responsibility to the users for any damages arising from the non-smooth operation or interruption of access to them.

3. Conditions and terms of navigation and request for online booking

Browsing the TERRABLUE websites, as well as submitting an online reservation request, does not require user registration on the website, nor the creation of a personal account.
In order to submit an online booking request, however, it is necessary for the user to provide personal information and data. A prerequisite for the registration and use of the services of the websites is that the user is over 18 years old and has full legal capacity.

In order to make an online reservation request, the user must select the “reservation” form and then fill it in, i.e. (a) specify the number of people for whom they wish to make a reservation, (B) the date of arrival and (C) the time of arrival.

About the website “”, the user will be asked to fill in, among other things, the following information: (a) the type of event, (B) the type of food catering, (C) the type of bar catering, (d) other information about the layout of the space and the facilities of the company they wish.

Also, the user will have to add their personal information. Specifically, the user must complete:

a. Their full name.

b. A valid and active e-mail address, which has been legally assigned to them. At this address, a confirmation email will be sent by the company, in which the personal information filled in by the user, as well as the details of their reservation will be indicated. The user guarantees that this address is real, real, that they are the legal owners and users of it and that it is under their full and exclusive control. The user must take appropriate measures to prevent any unauthorized access and use of their e-mail address and acknowledges and accepts that any communication using this e-mail address is presumed to come from, addressed and received by them.

We may use your email address to serve you as a customer, or for information, or administrative purposes (such as to notify you of significant changes to TERRABLUE Websites), if we have obtained your consent.

c. The mobile phone number, which they hold legally, exclusively for direct communication with the user regarding the reservation. The user must be the legal owner of the number.

The user with regard to all the above data, which they register, declare and guarantee that they are accurate and true and do not offend anyone in any way, and accept that in case of finding untrue data, the online reservation, which they have made is canceled (not valid), of the company bearing no responsibility. For this reason, each user hereby grants the right to the company to check the accuracy and truth of user data, in any way the company deems appropriate in its absolute discretion.

The Company reserves the right to request from the user the registration of additional data, on the one hand in the context of the verification and identification process, and on the other hand in order to enable the implementation of some of the services provided through the websites.

For each new booking, you must follow the same process of filling in the personal data of the users.

4. Procedure and Conditions of a Reservation

The beneficiary of the reservation is the user, who has submitted the request for online reservation with the above procedure. In the event that the user wishes the reservation to be made in the name of another beneficiary, they must inform the store, either by telephone at the contact number 2103222020, or by e-mail at RESERVATIONS@CHERCHEZLAFEMME.GR, regarding the website “”, at the contact number 21 0681 9500, or by e-mail at RESERVATIONS@THEMEATBOYS.GR, regarding the website “”, at the contact number 21 0663 8064, or by e-mail at M.RESERVATIONS@ILBARRETTO.COM, regarding the website “” and regarding the website “” by e-mail at C.DIAMANTAKOU@ILBARRETTO.COM.GR.

Each reservation is valid and binds the company (except in cases of force majeure and unexpected events) for the day and time of arrival, as well as for a specific number of persons, which the user has stated in the online form for submitting his request. In the event that the user does not appear in the store on the day and time for which they have submitted an electronic request, and /or in the event that the user wants a table of more or less people, the company can serve them depending on its availability. The company in this case bears no responsibility for the ability to serve the user.

Any person from the number of persons declared by the user, for whom the online reservation has been made, must at the time of their arrival inform the competent employees of the company, regarding the online reservation, indicating the details of the user who made the online reservation, in order to be served.

The reservation is valid for the company as submitted by the user. If the user wishes to modify the reservation for any reason, they should follow the cancellation procedure as described below and re-submit an online reservation request by filling in the relevant form from the beginning.

It is explicitly clarified that the company bears no responsibility in case the data of the online booking are leaked to non-entitled persons.

5. Cancellation policy

Cancellations of reservations by the user are made exclusively through e-mail, either through the link “Cancel order”, which is present in the confirmation of the reservation email or by sending an email to the e-mail addresses RESERVATIONS@CHERCHEZLAFEMME.GR, M.RESERVATIONS@ILBARRETTO.COM, C.DIAMANTAKOU@ILBARRETTO.COM.GR, RESERVATIONS@THEMEATBOYS.GR, depending on the store in which the reservation was made, as mentioned above, and mandatory at least 24 hours before the day and time of arrival at the store. Cancellation of a reservation (as well as the reservation itself) does not burden the user.

The Company reserves the right to cancel a reservation in the following indicatively mentioned cases (A) in cases where the store cannot perform the online reservation due to power failure, technical problems, weather conditions or other reasons of force majeure, (B) in case the store has been leased by a third party for exclusive service (eg. special events) (C) in the event that for any reason loses the right to operate the store or the interruption of its commercial operation (D) in the event that a specific user has been deemed undesirable by the company due to the statement of untrue data or repeated cancellations and/or untimely attendance. In such cases, the company will make every effort to inform the user (s) thereof within a reasonable period of time.

6. Personal Data

i. By browsing the websites, the user acknowledges that they accept the practices and policies described below in the Privacy Policy and consent to the collection, use, processing and possible transfer of some of their personal data. The personal data of the users will be kept on file, solely for the purpose of providing services, carried out through the websites.

ii. Legal Basis:
Our company has a legitimate interest in processing this data in order to ensure the security of networks, information and services from accidental events or illegal or malicious actions that compromise the availability, authenticity, integrity and confidentiality of stored or transmitted data, but also to establish, exercise or support legal claims.

The Company undertakes not to sell, transfer or otherwise disclose to third parties the personal data of users, which will be collected through the websites, without prejudice to what is set out below. Each user reserves the right to request in writing, by e-mail to the company, at the e-mail address, the deletion of his personal data from this file.

7. CV

In the context of its business activities, TERRABLUE provides users with the opportunity to send CVs through the website “”, in order to join its staff potential.

  • Collection and use of personal data

We collect personal data that includes: your full name, mailing address, email address, telephone number, home address, manner of communication, formal and substantive qualifications, and other information, which is voluntarily provided by you in your CV. Regarding CVS, we do not collect personal data about individuals under the age of 18.

  • Protection of personal data

The protection of users’ personal data is a major priority for the company. We respect your right to confidentiality and take precautions, including technical, organizational and physical measures, to protect your personal data from: loss, theft and misuse, as well as from unauthorized access, disclosure, modification and destruction. We place appropriate restrictions on access to personal data and implement appropriate measures and controls for the safe storage and transfer of data of files which are in both electronic and printed form.

  • Purposes of processing personal data

Your personal data is required for communication purposes for the possible start of cooperation with you (job offer) by the company “TERRABLUE”. Without this data, the company “TERRABLUE” will not be able to contact you or enter into any contractual agreement with you. This includes both cooperation contracts and employment contracts. The data are transmitted to the relevant departments of the company “TERRABLUE” and each department manager evaluates your CV accordingly.

  • Duration of maintenance of CVS

The duration of keeping the CVS is until the job is filled. In addition, the company “TERRABLUE” keeps a record of six months. Subsequently, the company “TERRABLUE” observes all the prescribed procedures for the destruction of both the electronic and the printed file of the candidate. If TERRABLUE finally decides to retain your personal data to cover another position, it will inform you and ask for your consent to this further processing, which you can also refuse.

For any matter concerning the processing of your data (query, modification, deletion) you can contact the Data Protection Officer (DPO) of the company “TERRABLUE”: email: To the extent permitted by the relevant provisions, you have the right to submit a request to TERRABLUE for access to personal data, based on Article 15 of regulation 2016/679. You also have the right to request the rectification or erasure of personal data pursuant to Articles 16 and 17 of regulation 2016/679 respectively or the restriction of processing pursuant to Article 18 of regulation 2016/679. Finally, you have the right to object to the processing of personal data, as well as the right to receive your personal data in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format (right to portability), as provided for in Article 20 of regulation 2016/679.

Sending your CV is your responsibility. By sending your CV you declare that the contents in these data are accurate and true.

Your CV, as well as any other personal information entered in your application form for sending the CV, contains data, which are considered personal data according to the meaning of regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the law on the protection of personal data). By sending your CV, you consent to the required processing by TERRABLUE of your personal data for the purpose of assessing your abilities to fill a position for which you sent your CV, or to fill another position for which it is considered during the processing that you have the required skills (hereinafter the “processing”). TERRABLUE employees may access your personal data for the purposes of processing. From the moment you consent to the processing of your personal data, you have the right at any time to withdraw your consent, but this withdrawal does not affect the legality of the processing until then.

If you believe that the processing of your personal data violates regulation 2016/679, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the Personal Data Protection Authority.

8. Intellectual Property

The images, logos/trademarks, graphics, photographs and texts, as well as any other element that may be the subject of intellectual property rights, found on the websites, constitute intellectual property of the company and are protected under the relevant provisions of Greek and EU legislation. Consequently, any copying, analog/digital recording and mechanical reproduction, downloading, processing, resale and in general commercial exploitation of the content of the websites are prohibited.

9. Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy explains the information that the company collects from users of the websites and how this information may be used. By using the websites or any other features or content offered by the company, sometimes in connection with its software or applications, the user is presumed to accept the practices and policies described in this Privacy Policy and consents to the collection, use and disclosure of his information in the following ways. This policy does not apply to third party websites or applications that may be accessed by the user through the websites, or to information provided to third parties or collected by third parties. These third parties may have their own privacy policy, which we encourage you to read before sharing information with or through them. If the user does not agree with the policies and practices described here, it is recommended not to proceed with browsing, or in general use of the websites.

This policy covers the management of personal data (”personal data”), which is collected when the user browses the website and uses its services.

When submitting an online booking request, the user will be asked to provide information that personally identifies him, such as name, postal address, e-mail address, telephone number, mobile device identification number or any other identifier through which it is possible for the company to contact him/her either online or not, as detailed above. It may be possible for the user to access features of the websites using his/her Facebook account or other social media. The privacy settings on the Facebook account or other social media available to the user, as well as the corresponding privacy policy of the social networking companies, will determine the personal and other data that may be transmitted to the company when the user gains access to the services of the websites.

  • Data collected automatically:

Whenever the user interacts with the services of the websites, data may be automatically received and recorded in the server logs from the browser or platform of the user’s device, including location, IP address, “cookie” data, etc. The company’s partners in the fields of technology and advertising may be placed or allowed to place “cookies” [data files] and “web beacons” [web beacons] (also known as Internet tags [internet tags], pixel tags [pixel tags], single-pixel GIFs [single pixel GIFs] [GIF μεμονωμένου εικονοστοιχείου], clear GIFs [transparent GIFs], invisible GIFs [invisible GIFs], 1-by-1 GIFs [1-by-1 GIFs] [1 προς 1 GIF] and web bugs) on the user’s device, which are identifiers transferred to the device through the browser [browser], which allow the company to recognize the user’s browser and to be informed about how and when the websites or websites belonging to the advertising partners are visited, the display of advertisements, the number of people, etc. The user is able to modify the options in their browser to prevent or restrict the acceptance of cookies, web beacons and similar technologies, however in this case they may not be able to take advantage of the services of the websites.

  • Third Party Services

The company’s Websites may allow the user to connect to certain third-party services (Twitter, Facebook and other similar services). When the user shares information with these third-party services, such information is no longer under the control of the company and is subject to the terms of Use and Privacy Policy of these third parties. The company may make certain personal data available to third-party developers by using the Application Programming Interface (”API”). Your use of third-party applications developed using the API is subject to those third parties ‘ terms of Use and Privacy Policy. When the user uses the above websites, some third parties may use automatic data collection technologies to collect information related to him or her device. These third parties may be: advertisers, advertising networks and servers, analytics companies, the manufacturer of the mobile device, the mobile service provider, etc. These third parties may use tracking technologies to collect information about the user each time they use the services of the websites. The information they collect may relate to the user’s personal data or they may collect information, including personal data, about the user’s online activities through time and on different websites, applications and other online services or websites. They may use this information to offer interest-based (behavioral) advertising or other targeted content. The company states that it does not control these third-party tracking technologies or how they may be used.

  • Location-Based Services

The company’s Websites may include a location tracking function, which identifies the user’s location based on the location of the wireless network or the Wi-Fi access points within whose reach it is located. Location information is used solely to provide the services offered through the websites.

  • Links

The company’s Websites may contain links to websites. The company is not responsible for the privacy practices, the terms and conditions of use or for any kind of content of these websites. Linked sites may collect personal data of the user, which is not under its control. The data collection practices of the linked websites are governed by that website’s Privacy Policy.

  • Disclosure of collected personal data

The company does not rent or sell users ‘ personal data to anyone. It discloses users ‘ personal data in a form that allows personal identification, only as described in these terms.

  • Communication about services

As part of the services offered through the websites, the user may receive messages either by e-mail, or otherwise, for what is related to the use of the services offered by the company.

  • Promotional Offers

If the user, when submitting a request for online booking, chooses to receive information material about implemented offers, the company may send information about the implemented offers on behalf of itself or other related companies. In the latter case, however, the personal data is not given to the other company.

If the user does not wish to receive these offers, they can inform the company by sending a message to or choose the corresponding option from the relevant option from the online booking application form.

  • Further use of user information

The company uses the information it collects about users or the data they provide, including some personal data, indicatively to:

  • Provide the services of the websites and any other relevant information, product or service.
  • Apply its rights dictated by any contract agreed between the company and the users.
  • Notify when updates to the services are available and, when modifications have been made to any of the products or services, it provides or offers through the websites.
  • Access of users to their personal data

Any user who wishes to become aware of their personal data, kept by the company, may contact the person responsible for processing them by e-mail, to the e-mail address , and request their modification or deletion.

10. Company Rights

The company reserves the right for any reason to exclude from the use of the website any user, if it considers that by its behavior either any term of this and/or any legislative provision is violated in its absolute discretion.

Also, the company reserves the right to unilaterally modify these terms, by simply posting on its Websites. In particular, the company reserves the right to modify, remove, revoke or supplement the terms and conditions for the use of the websites, at any time and without prior notice, and these amendments will have immediate effect. In addition, the company may adapt, modify, remove, configure, cease at any time, both the operation of the websites, as well as any of its individual elements, photo, presentation or description of any product or service. For this reason, you are invited each time, before using the Websites, to visit these terms and confirm that you agree with them.

The company guarantees that it will exercise in the performance of this contract the due diligence in transactions. The company, its employees and / or representatives do not guarantee and are excluded from any liability in respect of:

(a) the uninterrupted and defect-free operation of its Websites

(b) for the uninterrupted operation of its stores

(c) for any compensation (consequential, incidental, direct, indirect or special) or costs or monetary penalties, including – indicatively and not restrictively) those arising from lost profits, business interruption, loss of information, data or clientele, loss or damage of property, as well as third party claims that may arise in connection with the use, copying, or presentation of the website or its contents or any other linked to the website, regardless of whether the company knew or should have known this possibility.

The company is exempt from any responsibility for the execution of this in case of force majeure.

11. Responsibility of the User

Visitors and users of the websites, accept that they will use it in accordance with the law and good morals.

You undertake not to use the websites for transmission or retransmission of illegal and/or immoral and/or harmful in any way content, or content and elements that infringe any right, such as the personality, intellectual and / or industrial property of any third party, or that is contrary to any provision of law or contract.

You undertake not to transmit through or to the websites software viruses or any other technically harmful element to the website and not to commit any act of breaking its code or its security codes.

12. Applicable law and jurisdiction

These Terms and any modification thereof are governed by Greek law. For any dispute that may arise from the use of the services offered through the websites and which cannot be resolved out of court, the courts of the city of Athens are exclusively competent.